Choosing to study abroad is one of the best decisions a student can make, and we are thrilled your child is preparing for a summer of new experiences, cross-cultural immersion, academic rigor, and significant personal growth in China.

Please talk with your child about studying in China. Though we do everything we can to make the experience educationally and personally rewarding, the single best thing you can do to get your child ready is discuss what it means to be in China. Things will be--and should be--very different from what we're used to at home. The bedrooms might be smaller, the music louder, the internet access less reliable… we could go on. But the net result is that studying abroad opens up a world of opportunity and cultural difference to students. Encourage them to dive headlong into it, of course, but also make sure that they're prepared for the realities of a different culture, with different expectations, attitudes, and customs.

We have already considered your child’s safety. Therefore, we purchase accidental insurance for every student, provide quality and safe on-campus housing with residential staffs, and group leader support from the first day the students have arrived. International students also can apply for international student service to get visa, air ticket and airport pickup with no hassle.

The Parents' Role in Study at SCP

Parents form an integral part of the study abroad experience by supporting their student’s choice to embark on this academic and life-enriching endeavor.  Here are some specific ways to show support and be involved in the process:

1. Make sure your student is on top of their visa paperworkInternational student service provides complementary assistance to help all international students.
2. Assist with flight arrangements
3. Read through the “Preparation and Travel Checklist” page and contact us with any questions ahead of your student's planned summer away.

Need help? Speak to an advisor: +86-10-56136008 Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm & 2-6pm Beijing Time








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